Floralia’s Flowers of Spring Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Floralia’s Flowers of Spring Spread

On This Day

Flora was depicted wearing a crown of flowers, and her image was engraved on Roman coins. Her nemesis was an antagonistic deity called Robigus, whose wrath caused the destruction of crops.

The Floralia festival began in Rome on this date in 238 BCE to please the goddess Flora. Flora is the goddess of flowers, spring, and fertility. Celebrated with public games and theatrical presentations, the final day of her festival was devoted to circus games.

Summation of Spread

The Nine of Pentacles and her lush landscape is a reminder of the restorative quality of time spent in the garden and alone in nature. Enveloped in the natural world, one discovers the earth gently whispering wisdom and symphonies of sweetness to those with ears to listen.

Looking for inspiration from the garden bed? This spread uses goddess Flora’s spring flowers and their Victorian meanings to inform its questions.

Cast Your Cards

Imagine yourself in a field under the warm spring sun, the earth springing to life around you, and cast the cards in the shape of a flower:

1. Apple Blossom: Whom do I love?

2. Daffodil: Who is true to me?

3. Dahlia: What should I be careful of?

4. Hyacinth: What is worth waiting for?

5. Delphinium: What brings me peace?

6. Poppy: What helps me to rest?

7. Snowdrop: What can I hope for?

8. Iris: What can I trust?