The Loch Ness Magical Scotland Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

The Loch Ness Magical Scotland Spread

On This Day

Scotland’s official animal is, unsurprisingly, the unicorn.

The first sighting of the Loch Ness monster was reported on this day in 1933. The event made news when a well-known businessman and his wife informed the local paper of a great beast spotted in Loch Ness.

Summation of Spread

Do you long for the romance of the Scottish Highlands? Nessie is but one of many attributes of Scotland, land of kilts, bagpipes, William Wallace, and the inspiration for Hogwarts castle. It’s easy to understand why Scotland is the land of magic. This spread weaves Scottish enchantment in your life.

The Celtic Cross Spread, first published by A. E. Waite in his Pictorial Guide to the Tarot, is likely the most popular tarot spread ever created. Today it is found in most books accompanying new tarot decks. A Celtic Cross is a cross with a circle around it. Scotland, Ireland, and Britain are filled with Celtic cross monuments, found especially in graveyards.

Cast Your Cards

1. Castles: What security do I have?

2. Islands: Where can I escape to?

3. Highlands: What elevates me to a higher place?

4. Mist: What mystery is rolling into my life?

5. Tartan: Where do I belong?

6. Heather: What magic is growing in my life?

7. Whiskey: What end-of-day activity should I indulge in?

8. Fairy: What supernatural aid is available to me?