Tower Card Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Tower Card Spread

On This Day

Nathaniel Hawthorne used New Hampshire’s Old Man as inspiration for a short story, The Great Stone Face, published in 1850. The Old Man’s profile has been New Hampshire’s state emblem since 1945.

The beloved Old Man of the Mountain, also known as the Great Stone Face, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire collapsed on this day in 2003. The cliff, shaped like a man’s face, was revered by many who took comfort in anthropomorphizing the side of a mountain.

Summation of Spread

In addition to destruction, the Tower card represents a flash of understanding, a moment of illumination, and a transcendental state where one moves beyond a normal state of awareness to a higher consciousness and enlightenment.

Collapse and destruction are hallmarks of the Tower card. This card’s appearance and catastrophic events signal enlightenment and humility before nature. This spread is based on symbols found on the Tower card.

Cast Your Cards

Use this spread to answer any question. Format your question before casting the spread or simply let the cards answer the questions posed. Pull the Tower card from your deck. Placing it in the center of the Tower Card Spread, cast your cards around it.

1. Lightning bolt: What is my wakeup call?

2. Crown: What is pushed aside?

3. Tower: What situation did I create?

4. Mountain: How high can I reach?

5. Falling: Can I release control?

6. Male/Female: How do I maintain duality?

7. Fire: What must burn away?

8. Clouds: What is the higher truth I must learn?