X-ray Vision Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

X-ray Vision Spread

On This Day

The x-ray uses an X because when German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen discovered a new form of radiation by accident in 1895, he did not know what it was. Therefore, he called it an x-ray.

Three students at Davidson College, North Carolina, illegally produced some of the first x-ray images ever seen on this night in 1896. Bribing a janitor for use of the campus medical lab, they x-rayed a variety of objects, including a human finger they had sliced from a cadaver with a pocketknife.

Summation of Spread

The Page, or Knave, of Swords, often described as the Nancy Drew of the tarot deck, possesses x-ray vision that he projects at will. His searching eyes and rapid-fire brain see through any deception, straight to the heart of the matter, and discover the truth to any situation.

Who wouldn’t love the ability to see through items, people, and walls? X-ray vision is a popular superpower for heroes like Superman. Luckily, tarot can take an x-ray survey of any situation you encounter.

Cast Your Cards

Using your powers of perception wisely, cast the cards of the X-ray Vision Spread in the shape of an X to mark the spot.

1. How does the situation appear from the outside?

2. What is the unseen truth on the inside?

3. What unseen elements are at play that I am ignorant of?

4. What element is in my favor?

5. What action should I take now that I see the truth?