Court de Gébelin’s Under Your Nose Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Court de Gébelin’s Under Your Nose Spread

On This Day

Court de Gébelin and Benjamin Franklin were Masonic brothers in the Les Neuf Seurs lodge and served as Voltaire’s conductors in his Masonic initiation.

Antoine Court de Gébelin passed away on this day in 1784. He is important to tarot’s history because all of tarot’s occult associations began with him. He was the first person in recorded history to claim that tarot is a repository of ancient secrets.

Summation of Spread

The King of Swords, like Court de Gébelin, is a well-educated scholar who has the capacity of reaching a large audience due to his seat of power.

Is something hiding from you in plain sight? Truth and wisdom can be directly in front of us, yet we don’t see them till we are ready. De Gébelin explained to all of Paris society that tarot was the Egyptian Book of Thoth—an ancient book of secrets hidden in plain sight. His Egyptian theory was eventually disproved, yet his influence is undeniable.

Cast Your Cards

Let’s assume a piece of wisdom or an answer you need is hiding in front of you. Use this spread to uncover it. Cast far apart in the vein of your expanding consciousness.

1. What answer is right in front of me?

2. How do I cultivate hidden truths?

3. What limiting belief must I release?

4. Am I willing to change?

5. What would I embrace if I allowed myself to?

6. Can I look at myself and see what the universe sees?

7. What possibility exists that I can’t possibly imagine or comprehend at the moment?