Rockefeller’s Balanced Budget Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Rockefeller’s Balanced Budget Spread

On This Day

John D. Rockefeller abstained from alcohol and tobacco all his life. Saving most of his income, he spent it on philanthropy, revolutionizing its modern concept. He thanked his mother for his philosophy, as it was she who taught him “willful waste makes woeful want.”

The philanthropic Rockefeller Foundation was created on this day in 1913. From establishing institutions like the Johns Hopkins School of Health and the American Shakespeare Festival to funding initiatives, fellowships, and scholarships, the foundation is responsible for a dizzying array of philanthropy. Rockefeller himself has been called the greatest philanthropist in American history.

Summation of Spread

Despite the Four of Pentacles’ reputation for being a financial miser, this card represents the essential element of financial balance. The number four represents stability and structure. It is with stability and structure that money and investments grow and flourish.

Looking to balance your checkbook? Rockefeller became the richest man in the world before becoming its greatest philanthropist. His financial books were balanced. Using his inspiration, this spread examines money and balancing your budget.

Cast Your Cards

Feel the abundance and cast your cards.

1. What does money mean to me?

2. What is my relationship to the energy of money?

3. What does money offer me?

4. How can I make the most of my money?

5. Do I have a budget surplus or shortfall?

6. Is there an expense I should eliminate?

7. What is my next realistic financial goal?

8. What will help me reach this goal quickly?

9. What is the best thing I can spend my money on?