Find True North Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Find True North Spread

On This Day

Standing at the North Pole, all directions point south. The North Pole is actually located in the Arctic Ocean, covered by sea ice that constantly moves amidst the icy waters.

Magnetic north was discovered on this day in 1831. Two norths lie in the Arctic: magnetic north varies from place to place due to magnetic abnormalities, while true north is the northernmost point on Earth’s surface. True north sits at the top of Earth’s axis, the point upon which it spins. Magne tic north moves, while true north is fixed.

Summation of Spread

Tarot’s directional attributes differ among practitioners, but it is generally agreed that the Pentacles represent North.

Pentacles (Earth) = North

Wands (Fire) = South

Cups (Water) = East

Swords (Air) = West

Where are you going? Finding true north is essential for proper navigation. Navigating our life’s journey, we sometimes find ourselves off track, rendering us unsure of our standing. This spread can help you follow the right path for yourself.

Cast Your Cards

The Moon card displays a crawfish about to embark on a journey. Cast your cards in the shape of his path.

1. What path am I on?

2. What path should I be on?

3. How do I adjust where I am moving?

4. What signs point me in the right direction?

5. Whom do I meet along the way?

6. What distracts me?

7. What challenges me?

8. What should I pay attention to?