Carmenta’s Divination Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Carmenta’s Divination Spread

On This Day

Carmenta is derived from the Latin carmen, meaning a magic spell, oracle, or song. It is also the root of the English word charm.

Today is the feast day of Carmenta, the powerful Italian goddess of divination and childbirth. Chiefly observed by women, this feast celebrated Carmenta and her powers of prophecy. She protected mothers and acted as patron saint of midwives. Pregnant women offered Carmenta rice for a safe delivery, while those desiring fruitfulness ate raspberries to internalize her fertility.

Summation of Spread

Like Carmenta, the Empress represents fertility and pregnancy. The Empress, numbered three, corresponds to creativity, spiritual growth, and gratitude. The Mother archetype reminds you to connect with your imagination, earth energies, and the natural world to cultivate grounding and peace.

Are you ready to invoke the powers of a goddess? Access Carmenta’s divination and ultimate feminine graces with this special spread, excellent for personal empowerment on every level.

Cast Your Cards

Imagine you stand before the sacred steps of Carmenta’s temple. Offering herbs, stones, and fruit, cast your cards in a circle while asking for her wisdom.

1. How can I use my divinatory skills to their best potential?

2. What magic do I possess?

3. What do I bring to this world?

4. What new beginning should I embark on?

5. How can I embrace my feminine side?

6. What is ready to bloom within me?

7. Why might I settle for less than I’m worth?

8. How do I fix this?

9. What empowering belief does Carmenta want me to incorporate?

10. What is Carmenta’s personal message to me?