Partnership Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Partnership Spread

On This Day

Crowley had been looking for an artist for a tarot project and had his friend Clifford Bax help him find one. When the artist he’d planned to introduce to Crowley didn’t materialize, he invited Harris instead. The rest is tarot history.

Aleister Crowley was introduced to Frieda Harris on this day in 1937. Together, they created the Thoth tarot. The project, which was supposed to last six months, spanned over five years. Sadly, neither one of them would live to see their deck published.

Summation of Spread

Two of Cups is the partnership card, representing romantic, platonic, or business partnerships. Balance and harmony manifest as a result. The caduceus of Hermes represents the healing element present in the relationship.

This spread considers the theme of partnership and how you can work best with the other person or entity. It can be read for romantic, business, or platonic partnerships.

Cast Your Cards

Think of a current partnership and cast the cards to examine it.

1. Card representing me.

2. Card representing my partner.

3. What I am hoping for?

4. What are they hoping for?

5. What I bring to the relationship.

6. What they bring to the relationship.

7. What brings us together?

8. Why I aid them.

9. Why they aid me.