Weight Loss/Gain Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Weight Loss/Gain Spread

On This Day

Losing two to three pounds per week is a key number for long range, sustainable weight loss.

National Weight Loss Day occurs today in the United States. Focusing on portion control, it aims to help curb appetites and alleviate health issues.

Summation of Spread

The Temperance card connects to balance and healing and is an excellent card relating to a healthy lifestyle because she blends opposites and avoids extremes. The angel of alchemy mixes and matches for equilibrium. The key to this card is flow, control, and dedication. The healing waters beneath her feet offer renewal akin to a baptismal fountain.

This spread has been designed to provoke positive, healthy thoughts about weight balance. Reflecting on present behavior is the first step of improvement. The questions are applicable to both weight loss or weight gain.

Cast Your Cards

The cards are cast in the shape of a heart to remind you to love yourself throughout your process of change.

1. How would I feel if I were at my ideal weight?

2. What type of exercise do I enjoy?

3. What does food represent to me?

4. What emotions do I connect with food?

5. Do I eat mindfully?

6. Can I modify my diet myself or do I need help?

7. Do I believe in my ability to change?

8. How do I release old habits and behavior?

9. Have I found the proper strategy to become healthier?

10. What will happen when my body reaches its ideal weight?