Indiana Jones Life’s Adventure Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Indiana Jones Life’s Adventure Spread

On This Day

Most of the snakes used in the Well of Souls scene were not snakes but legless lizards. Causing trouble on the set, the lizards were not afraid of fire but instead tried to get closer to the flames to keep warm.

Filming of the epic Raiders of the Lost Ark began on this day in 1980. An instant classic, Raiders flew into the hearts of millions who wished they, like Indy, could run off to adventure and intrigue.

Summation of Spread

The tarot knights embody Indiana Jones’s sense of adventure. The Knight of Wands connects to Indy’s passion, the Knight of Swords to thinking quick on his feet, the Knight of Pentacles for his love of objects and antiques, and the Knight of Cups for his romantic feelings toward Marion.

Seeking excitement? You might not be a globe-trotting archaeologist, but it is possible to use inspiration from Raiders of the Lost Ark’s scenes and themes to find adventure in your own backyard.

Cast Your Cards

Cast the Indiana Jones Life’s Adventure Spread’s cards in the shape of Indy’s iconic hat:

1. Boulder: What is chasing me?

2. Bullwhip: What is my secret weapon?

3. Fedora: What is my signature symbol?

4. Air Travel: Where do I need to go?

5. Romance: Whom should I kiss?

6. Snakes: What scares me?

7. Submarine: How deep am I willing to go?

8. The Ark: What power or magic lies inside me?