Midsummer Magical Love Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Midsummer Magical Love Spread

On This Day

To discover the initial of a future husband, peel an apple in one continuous long strip. Toss the peel over your left shoulder; the peel will land in the shape of their initial.

Today is Midsummer’s Day, the exact middle of summer. Magic, witches, fairies, dancing, rites, and rituals are associated with this long summer’s day and Midsummer’s Eve. Bonfires and fortunetelling mark celebrations in countries and communities acknowledging Midsummer’s Day.

Summation of Spread

The World card is indicative of living and fully experiencing love, be it spiritual, emotional, sacred, or profane. The victory ribbon around the World dancer is emblematic of success.

Ready to inquire about your true love? In Italy, young girls gather the buds of a houseleek, one bud for each suitor. The opening bud was her future husband. Such an auspicious day for love divination inspires this Midsummer Magical Love Spread.

Cast Your Cards

By the dance of candlelight, let the cards reveal your true love:

1. Who is the object of my love?

2. Do they love me back?

3. Are we soulmates?

4. What brings us together?

5. What tears us apart?

6. Why am I drawn to this person?

7. What draws them to me?

8. What is my love history?

9. What is their love history?

10. What is the likely outcome?

11. What should I focus on?