Moon Card Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Moon Card Spread

On This Day

Offerings to the goddess Diana on this day included small messages written on ribbons and tied to the altar or trees; small baked clay or bread statues of body parts in need of healing; clay images of mother and child; small sculptures of stags; dancing and songs; and fruit.

Ancient Romans celebrated Nemoralia, Festival of Torches, on this day. It honored Diana, goddess of the hunt, the moon, and birthing. Adopted by Catholics as the Feast of the Assumption, worshipers carried torches to the dark waters of Lake Nemi, where the reflected torchlight intermingled with the moon’s light.

Summation of Spread

The Moon reflects changes and transformation. Be it the metamorphosis of a werewolf or the tidal pull of the ocean, nothing remains the same.

Diana’s connection with the moon makes this the perfect day to explore aspects of the Moon tarot card, whose symbols inform the questions of this spread.

Cast Your Cards

You may use this spread to answer any question. Form your question before casting the spread or simply let the cards answer the questions posed. Pull the Moon card from your deck. Placing it in the center of the spread, cast your cards around it as follows.

1. Dual Towers: What false towers have I built?

2. Dog: What is the loyal, responsible thing to do?

3. Wolf: What is my primal urge screaming for?

4. Moon: What does intuitive clarity tell me?

5. Sun: What harsh reality exists?

6. Pool: What does my subconscious mind contain?

7. Crawfish: What is emerging from the depths of my soul?

8. Path: Where will this new illumination lead me?