Lizard Wisdom Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Lizard Wisdom Spread

On This Day

The tail some lizards leave behind wriggles in order to confuse the enemy. This defense gives the lizard time to escape.

Today is World Lizard Day, celebrating reptilian fascination. It is celebrated by a niche of reptile lovers, conservationists, and educators.

Summation of Spread

Are you ready to shed what is not needed? Some lizards can escape a deadly situation by leaving part of themselves behind. They can break off their tail to escape a predator, but it will only grow back once. This unique action inspires the Lizard Wisdom Spread. Utmost bravery is required when letting go of what one holds dear. A willingness to loosen tight grips, a belief that what came once will come again, contains the power to transform a life.

The Eight of Cups leaves every single cup behind as he proceeds on his journey up the mountain. Evocative of deep internal and emotional transformation, this card sets the subject off on a new path.

Cast Your Cards

Think about what needs to be discarded as you cast the cards.

1. What is disturbing my peace?

2. What am I fighting against?

3. Why is this happening?

4. What action must I take?

5. What will be left behind?

6. What will grow in its place?