Honor Your Ancestors Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Honor Your Ancestors Spread

On This Day

Ancestral connection

reminds us we are not alone on our journey. Interesting synchronicities occur once you begin honoring ancestors. Stay aware of dreams and look for messages from unexpected places.

Today is the culmination of the Bon Festival, a Japanese Buddhist festival honoring the spirits of ancestors. Familial sites are visited, family reunions occur, and ancestors are believed to visit family altars. Lanterns, candles, and luminaries are lit and sent down-river, helping spirits find their way back to the netherworld.

Summation of Spread

The Ten of Pentacles represents the cycles of family life, connection between generations, and the wisdom and knowledge of the old mixed with the enthusiasm and brightness of youth.

Honoring ancestors can be an immensely rewarding spiritual experience. Acknowledging the web of life, we connect to what is greater than the sum of our parts. This spread is inspired by the people who have walked before you.

Cast Your Cards

Pull one card for each ancestor you would like to honor—the number is up to you. For this spread, three ancestors are called. These ancestor cards should be dealt face-up and the rest face-down, to be flipped one at a time when you read them.

1. Ancestor card.

2. What is your message?

3. How can I honor you?

4. Ancestor card.

5. What is your message?

6. How can I honor you?

7. Ancestor card.

8. What is your message?

9. How can I honor you?

10. What is my family legacy?

11. How do I best honor it?