Sibling Issues Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Sibling Issues Spread

Researchers have found that hour for hour, children spend more time with their siblings than with friends, parents, teachers, or even alone. While they may not always get along, by the time a child is 11 years old, they have spent about 33 percent of their time with their siblings.

The psychological drama Dead Ringers was released on this day in 1988. Jeremy Irons plays identical twin gynecologists who pretend to be each other. Taking full advantage of the fact no one can tell them apart, they lie to everyone until their own relationship deteriorates over a woman, leading to a gruesome ending.

Summation of Spread

Are you feuding with a brother or sister? Sibling fights and misunderstandings can be extremely painful. This spread gives you an opportunity to step back and survey the situation, finding a new way to express your needs and bring a solution to sibling squabbles.

The Three of Cups is the representation of bliss, cooperation, and the joy of togetherness. While the card appears intensely female, it represents both genders in the accomplishment and achievement of a common emotional goal.

Cast Your Cards

1. The situation.

2. What I’m feeling.

3. What they are feeling.

4. What I see that they don’t see.

5. What they see that I don’t see.

6. What is truly possible for the two of us.

7. What action can I take to heal the relationship?