Lovers Card Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Lovers Card Spread

On This Day

The Rider-Waite deck uses Adam and Eve symbolism, complete with snake and apple. The card reminds us that once man and woman appear, there is a division—an opposite—and a choice must be made.

American musical West Side Story opens at the Winter Garden Theater on this day in 1957.

Summation of Spread

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet, this heartbreaking tale of star-crossed lovers represents the elements of opposition and attraction found in the Lovers card. The Lovers Card Spread is based on symbols found in the Lovers card.

Cast Your Cards

Beyond the obvious connections of love, lust, and partnership, the Lovers card signifies free will. The Lovers card suggests a rite of passage and an initiatory ordeal. With strong emotional and sexual connections, this card is sometimes love at first sight.

Use this spread to answer any question. Format your question before casting the spread or simply let the cards answer the questions posed. Pull the Lovers card from your deck, place it in the center of the spread, and cast your cards around it.

1. Nudity: In what way am I free?

2. Sun: What radiates?

3. Angel: What messages are given?

4. Snake: What am I attracted to?

5. Apple: What tempts me?

6. Fire: What am I passionate about?

7. Mountain: What do I aspire to?

8. Triangle: What is the third unknown variable?