Seven Days of the Week Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Seven Days of the Week Spread

On This Day

It was only when the United States became aware that China and the USSR were conducting ESP research in the 1970s that they became receptive to the idea of their own psi program.

On this day in 1995 the US government officially ended the Stargate Remote Viewing Project. Remote viewing is the ability to psychically “see” events, sites, or information from a great distance. Remote viewing research ran from the 1970s to 1995 for potential military and domestic applications.

Summation of Spread

While remote viewing tends

to be done under scientific and observable circumstances, any form of divination with the cards regarding information gathering of a remote place or time can be considered a form of remote viewing.

Want a sneak peek at the week ahead? Using this controversial government program (purportedly costing over 20 million dollars while underway) as inspiration, you can remote-view yourself into the following week.

Cast Your Cards

Shuffle while thinking about the week ahead. Each card gives you the flavor of events for its day. When ready, lay one card for every day of the week, starting with whichever day you like.

1. Monday

2. Tuesday

3. Wednesday

4. Thursday

5. Friday

6. Saturday

7. Sunday