Gravitation Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Gravitation Spread

On This Day

Jupiter has the heaviest gravitational pull of all the planets. A 150-pound person would weigh more than 354 pounds walking across Jupiter, while if that same person skipped across Pluto, they would weigh no more than 10 pounds.

The first Earth satellite was launched into space on this day by the Soviet Union in 1957. It circled Earth every 95 minutes at almost 2,000 miles per hour, eventually falling to back to Earth three months later.

Summation of Spread

The World card represents rotation, gravitation, and manifestation. It reminds us to pay attention to what captivates us in order to live in freedom.

What are you drawn to? Like a satellite, you are held by the gravitational pull of certain themes repeating in your life. These themes may not be apparent early in life. Growing older, it is possible to retroactively connect the dots to see the themes emerge.

Cast Your Cards

Pay special attention to the prominent suit appearing in this spread. Cast in a circle around the first three cards, which denote your major gravitational themes.

1. First gravitational theme.

2. Second gravitational theme.

3. Third gravitational theme.

4. What places do I return to again and again?

5. What sort of friends am I attracted to?

6. What sort of romance am I attracted to?

7. What patterns make me feel comfortable?

8. Do I need to recalibrate my gravitational pull?

9. Is my gravitation leading me to authenticity?

10. What does it all add up to?