Twilight’s Love Triangle Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Twilight’s Love Triangle Spread

On This Day

Meyer began writing the first draft of Twilight upon waking from a dream of a beautiful girl and a sparkling boy lying in a meadow of flowers.

Twilight, the vampire novel by Stephenie Meyer, was released on this day in 2005. The story of teenage vampire love and lust ignited a generation and introduced the world to character Bella Swan. Readers divided over deciding who was the better romantic choice for Bella, vampire Edward or werewolf Jacob, and an exciting love triangle was born.

Summation of Spread

The Three of Swords represents the pain of betrayal, as in a love triangle where trust is destroyed. The Three of Pentacles depicts a working love triangle properly managed by all parties. The Three of Cups represents a love triangle with satisfied parties. The Three of Wands suggests volatile passions with no resolution in sight.

Are you tangled in a love triangle between yourself and two possible romantic choices? This spread is designed to help you make good decisions. Pulling cards, you’ll reflect on the situation and uncover true feelings, followed by solid suggestions on how to proceed.

Cast Your Cards

1. Card representing myself.

2. Card representing first person.

3. Card representing second person.

4. How the first person feels about me.

5. How I feel about the first person.

6. How the second person feels about me.

7. How I feel about the second person.

8. Outcome if I choose the first person.

9. Outcome if I choose the second person.

10. Outcome if I choose neither.

11. What should I do?