Jungian Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Jungian Spread

On This Day

Some scholars believe The Red Book outlines Jung’s descent into madness. Some argue he suffered a psychotic break; others argue the opposite, saying he willingly and consciously chose to embrace his unconscious.

Carl Gustav Jung’s controversial Red Book was published today in 2009. The Red Book reflects a sixteen-year journey into Jung’s unconscious mind. Begun in 1913, written and illustrated with psychedelic drawings, this remarkable and personal voyage of Jung’s discovery finally became available for the public.

Summation of Spread

What creates the psychology of you? Jung advanced the concept of archetypes and universal ideas. He claimed each person carries five main archetypes within their unconscious. The Jungian Spread explores these concepts.

Jung’s concept of the archetype is critical in the modern study of tarot. Understanding the major arcana as cross-cultural archetypes, it is possible to place any system of belief, dogma, or thought on top of the cards. It is a way to simultaneously understand the cards and other cultures and belief systems.

Cast Your Cards

1. Self: Who am I?

2. Shadow: What is in my dark side, the opposite of ego?

3. Anima: How do I experience the feminine?

4. Animus: How do I experience the masculine?

5. Persona: What do I present to the world?