Supernova Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Supernova Spread

On This Day

Supernovas aid in the formation of new stars because the shockwaves contain essential clouds of gas and heavy elements that only result from a supernova.

The last supernova—a vast star explosion—to be seen by the naked eye was spotted on this day in northern Italy in 1604.

Summation of Spread

What in your life needs to go? An entire star is destroyed during a supernova. The questions of this spread embrace the fiery destruction of something in your life in order to facilitate new growth.

The Death card echoes the lessons of galactic supernovas. The cycle of life observed on Earth repeats itself in the far reaches of outer space. The death of a star makes all life possible. Our life is made possible through the death of living things, and thus the cycle repeats through the known universe.

Cast Your Cards

The Supernova Spread cards are cast in a circle emanating outward from what should be destroyed.

1. What needs to end?

2. Why was it here?

3. Why must it go?

4. How do I destroy this?

5. What is a specific step to be sure I am rid of this?

6. What aids my conviction?

7. What is the final result?