End a Family Feud Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

End a Family Feud Spread

On This Day

The War of the Roses was named for the heraldic symbols of each warring family line, the Lancasters’ red rose vs. the Yorks’ white rose.

Henry VII was born this day in 1457. Henry Tudor was the last English king to seize the throne on the battlefield. His marriage to Elizabeth of York ended the War of the Roses—a series of bloody civil wars where families fought for control over the English crown—and he was father to the infamous Henry VIII.

Summation of Spread

The Five of Swords is evocative of a typical family feud involving multiple participants. The suit of Swords deals with communication, calculation, and evaluation. It is a stark reminder to use your words with caution.

Royals aren’t the only families apt to feud; no family is immune. Personality conflicts, power and control issues, mental illness, addiction, and any number of reasons cause contention. This spread aims to soothe tensions if you should find yourself in a familial dispute, and it sheds light on proactive ways to end a family disagreement.

Cast Your Cards

As you cast your cards, know the opportunity for peaceful resolution exists.

1. The situation as it stands.

2. Does a middle ground exist?

3. What role do I play in this feud?

4. Is there a personal action I can take to heal?

5. Do I have the strength to truly forgive?

6. Can I be the bigger person and place my feelings aside?

7. What is unsaid?

8. What must be communicated?

9. Would a third party help?

10. Ultimate outcome.