Knight’s Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Knight’s Spread

On This Day

In early kingdoms, a page would become squire to a knight and would then train under them.

Today marks the ancient Roman festival of Armilstrium, in honor of Mars, god of war. Soldiers were celebrated and their weapons ritually purified while processions moved through the streets.

Summation of Spread

Knights in readings suggest immediate action, energy, or people. They often carry messages, the subject of which is usually found in an accompanying card. Knights add a sense of urgency; when one appears, get ready for action.

Knights are the soldiers of tarot, each representing a particular type of searching, seeking, and adventuring. Each moves at the pace matching their suit. This spread makes use of their exploratory qualities by sending them out on missions for you.

Cast Your Cards

This spread is not based on a question; rather, each pair of cards plays upon a quality of the knight’s suit. Remove all knights from your deck and place them in the center of your spread. Cast your randomly drawn cards face-down. Read a suggested question aloud, then flip the corresponding card for your answer.

1. Following my passion, what is in front of me?

2. What surprise awaits?

3. Following my heart, what is in front of me?

4. What surprise awaits?

5. Following my senses, what is in front of me?

6. What surprise awaits?

7. Following my curiosity, what is in front of me?

8. What surprise awaits?