Devil Card Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Devil Card Spread

On This Day

The Visconti-Sforza deck, the oldest tarot deck in existence, lacks a Devil card. No one knows if he was omitted, has been lost, or was simply never thought of. The major arcana of the Visconti-Sforza cards is unnumbered; therefore, the mystery may never be solved.

Bela Lugosi, who immortalized the role of Dracula in the film of the same name, was born on this day in 1882.

Summation of Spread

The Devil represents power and control issues within oneself and in relation to the people and situations surrounding you. While the Devil can be a rip-roaring good time, it must be tempered with a dose of sanity or you may risk being carried away.

Dracula is but one manifestation of the Devil figure in literature and popular culture. This spread is based on images found on the Devil card.

Cast Your Cards

Use this spread to answer any question. Format your question before casting the spread or simply let the cards answer the questions posed. Pull the Devil card from your deck. Place it in the center of the spread and cast your cards around it.

1. Inverted Pentagram: How am I different?

2. Hand Gesture: Where have I been misled?

3. Lovers: Whom do I dominate?

4. Nudity: Where am I most vulnerable?

5. Chains: What binds me?

6. Torch: What passion burns at my soul?

7. Bat Wings: What has gone awry?

8. Horns: Where do my animalistic instincts lead me?