Speak with Ancestors Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Speak with Ancestors Spread

On This Day

How do you know you are really communicating with

an ancestor? Tarot teacher Ruth Ann Amberstone explains, “Simply trust yourself. You will know when they are speaking. You will know when they have left.”

Ancestors’ Day (Jour des Aieux) occurs today on the tropical island of Haiti. The celebration rings in the new year while honoring the past. Haitians remember those who have died within the previous twelve months and pay homage to those who perished fighting for Haitian independence in the early nineteenth century.

Summation of Spread

The Ten of Pentacles represents pedigree, bloodlines, and the family tree. Complete, strong, and resistant to the ravages of time, it is the card of evolution and kindred connection. Drawing this card is a reminder we play but a small role in the tapestry of a larger generational story.

Would you like to speak to your ancestors? Communicate with the spirit world using tarot. Conversations with guides, angels, and ancestors will spring forth between cards and candle. Use this spread to converse with souls of family members who have gone before you.

Cast Your Cards

Family magic and wisdom is collected by casting your cards in the shape of a family tree.

1. Who am I speaking with?

2. What talent thrives in our family?

3. What is the overlying challenge or lesson of our family?

4. What is the legacy I hold?

5. What are your hopes for me?

6. How do I make the most with what I have inherited?

7. What must I do?