Pablo Picasso’s Creativity Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Pablo Picasso’s Creativity Spread

On This Day

Picasso was extremely superstitious. No umbrellas were to be opened in the house (thought to bring evil), no hats on the bed (fear of death within the year), and he refused to donate clothing (for fear his genius would be stolen by the wearer of his garments).

Pablo Picasso, perhaps the most recognizable figure of twentieth-century art, was born this day in 1881. Picasso is known for defining revolutionary movements in painting, sculpture, printmaking, and ceramics. No painter before him enjoyed such a mass audience in their lifetime, and the mention of his name is synonymous with the idea of creativity.

Summation of Spread

Three is the number of creativity in tarot and all mystical and occult practices. Three represents the synthesis of two opposites and the birth of something new. A three appearing in a reading—be it the Empress or the three of any suit—represents the pure creativity of that suit.

Thinking about a new creative path or project? This spread is for you. Whether adapting a new creative practice or picking up an old art form, this spread explores avenues of thought as the creative juices start flowing.

Cast Your Cards

1. Card representing my creative activity.

2. How do I create a routine for creativity?

3. What specific daily action will I take toward my creativity?

4. How do I let go of the idea of perfectionism?

5. How do I create boundaries between my work and the opinions of others?

6. What interesting changes occur as a result of my creative path?

7. What new thing do I learn?

8. What do I create?