School Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

School Spread

On This Day

Just like Hogwarts, Harvard freshmen are sorted into houses. Each of the twelve Harvard houses has its own residence hall, gym, dining, and common areas. Freshmen can choose to be sorted with up to eight friends so they won’t end up with strangers.

Harvard University opened its hallowed doors on this day in 1636. The first institute of higher learning in the New World, by 1642 there were nine graduates and in other years, even less.

Summation of Spread

Pages all connect to study and education. The Page of Pentacles is especially associated with studiousness and higher learning. The page’s love for the physical world, natural curiosity, and concern regarding tangible change make for an ideal student.

Are you or someone you know applying to school? From preschools to colleges, school applications and selections can be challenging and frustrating, with so much riding on the decision. The School Spread narrows your choices, highlighting good picks and pointing you in the right direction.

Cast Your Cards

Cards 1 and 4 represent choices available to the student; adjust the number of cards based on how many choices you have made. Be sure to name the school in advance of flipping the card.

1. First school choice (this card represents the school’s general atmosphere and how it fits the student).

2. Chances for acceptance.

3. Student’s overall experience there.

4. Second school choice(this card represents the school’s general atmosphere and how it fits the student).

5. Chances for acceptance.

6. Student’s overall experience there.

7. Student’s strengths.

8. Student’s challenges.

9. Best way to support and love the student.