Feline Mystery Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Feline Mystery Spread

On This Day

Sir Isaac Newton, discoverer of the law of gravity, also invented the cat door—although this may be an early urban legend.

Today is National Cat Day, created to celebrate felines, educate the public about cats needing rescue from shelters, and to honor the love and companionship the cat/owner relationship provides.

Summation of Spread

Are you catlike? Cat symbolism ranges from devilish to godly. Representing a dualistic place in human culture from their first moments of domestication, the Feline Mystery Spread uses feline qualities found inside a person to inform its questions.

The Queen of Wands is pictured with a black cat sitting at her delicate feet. This cat is a symbol of the fierce female power coursing through this queen—a nod to her magical power and prowess belonging to the suit of Wands.

Cast Your Cards

Cast in the shape of cat ears:

1. What is tame in me?

2. What is my most ferocious quality?

3. Do people find me aloof?

4. How do I locate myself in the here and now?

5. How can I be entirely self-sufficient?

6. What do I do when no one is looking?

7. Who do I want to be affectionate with?

8. What do I want to explore?