Halloween Year Ahead Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Halloween Year Ahead Spread

On This Day

It was believed spirits roamed the earth and played tricks on this night. Treats were given to appease mischievous sprites, and hollowed jack-o’-lanterns were illuminated to scare malicious spirits away. This paved the way for modern practices.

For many, tonight is the most delicious night of the year. Tarot card readers, witches, spooks, spirits, and all manner of supernatural creatures party today. The veil between living and dead is thinnest, it is the most auspicious night for divination, chocolate and candy are doled out to offset tricks, and everyone gets a chance to pretend they are someone or something else.

Summation of Spread

Tarot is an intermediary device and metaphysical machine used to communicate with other worlds. Whether conversing with a ghost or spirit or speaking with the personal private psyche and inner voice, the entire deck is a testament to this wonderful holiday and all the supernatural magic filling it.

What do the next twelve months have in store? Samhain, the ancient Gaelic festival, is the New Year for Witches and Pagans. Marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, the darker half of the year, it is an excellent time to take stock of what the twelve months ahead have in store for you.

Cast Your Cards

1. You

2. November

3. December

4. January

5. February

6. March

7. April

8. May

9. June

10. July

11. August

12. September

13. October

14. What should I focus on?

15. What should I reject?

16. What magic is possible?