Vampire’s Immortality Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Vampire’s Immortality Spread

On This Day

Bram Stoker wrote twelve novels, including Dracula, which was originally titled The Undead.

Bram Stoker, whose first full name was Abraham, was born in Dublin on this day in 1847. He redefined the vampire myth with his epic gothic novel Dracula, but during his lifetime, he was better known as the business manager of London’s Lyceum Theater.

Summation of Spread

The Devil card represents the vampire’s worst aspect. Those holding power over others in destructive, cruel ways connect with the Devil’s darkness. A vampire’s sensual, seductive aspect connects to the Lovers card, while immortality itself is represented in the Ace of Cups, the ever-flowing fountain of youth and Holy Grail of everlasting life.

This spread is inspired by the bloodsucking myth of vampires and issues surrounding immortality. While immortality is tempting to some, it is considered a living hell to others. The question is, how would you fare as a bloodsucker?

Cast Your Cards

Summon all supernatural power and cast the cards as a creature lurking in the shadows might do:

1. Do I really want to live forever?

2. Would I feed on humans?

3. What would be my greatest strength?

4. What would be my weakness?

5. Who would I turn to be my eternal vampire companion?

6. Do they want to be turned?

7. What would I do with all that time on my hands?

8. What city would I live in?

9. At what age should I become immortal?