Saraswati’s Creative Flow Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Saraswati’s Creative Flow Spread

On This Day

Flow is one of the main reasons people play video games. Intrinsic motivation is aroused; skill and challenge utilize the player’s brain. Their attention is engaged and motivation is high while the goals of the game are clearly set. All sense of time disappears.

Saraswati, Hindu goddess of music, arts, science, and knowledge, is honored today in Eastern India. Her symbols include a book (divine knowledge), a crystal (power of meditation and spirituality), sacred water (creativity and purification), and a musical instrument (perfection of arts and sciences, the rhythm of music, emotions and feelings).

Summation of Spread

The World card personifies the concept of flow. The World dancer moves in a state of ecstasy, tuning in and perfectly centered in the moment. The consciousness has finally merged with the subconscious, and the result is a superconscious state of transcendence.

Saras, “flow,” and wati, “she who has,” mean “she who has flow.” Flow describes the mental state of a person performing an activity who is fully involved, has energized focus, and feels intense enjoyment. The questions of this spread are posed to promote flow in the creative activity of your choice.

Cast Your Cards

While a sense of flow can happen spontaneously, you can create favorable circumstances for it and find activities that promote it by casting your cards.

1. What enjoyable task am I challenged by?

2. How do I give my full commitment?

3. How do I create an environment where I can concentrate?

4. Do I have clear goals set for this project?

5. How can I track my progress?

6. What blooms as a result?

7. What unexpected surprise occurs as a result of doing this?