Venetian Mask Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Venetian Mask Spread

On This Day

Venice enjoyed an economic boom during the Middle Ages and became a pleasure palace. During this time the popularity of masks grew as prominent society, clergy, and even servants hid their identity while engaging in immoral, unscrupulous acts of carnal pleasure.

Venice holds Festa della Salute today. Workers lay a floating pontoon bridge over the Grand Canal. Citizens literally walk upon the water as they make their way across the bridge toward Salute Church. Once there, they give thanks to the Virgin Mary for freeing them from the sixteenth-century plague that struck this lagoon city, and they request she keeps them in good health.

Summation of Spread

The Fool carries the trickster energy of the deck. Indicative of hiding and playing pretend, in mythology the trickster is the creature who breaks normal rules and displays unconventional behavior. Tricksters can be cunning, foolish, or both, just like the Fool.

What do you display to the outer world? Venice is well known for intricate carnival masks. Concealing who we truly are, masks allow us to role-play as someone or something else. This spread takes a look at the mask you put on when facing the world.

Cast Your Cards

Dart through the mist rolling across the lagoon, tiptoe down a cobblestone street, and cast your cards as follows:

1. What is the true nature of my inner self?

2. How do others interpret my truth?

3. How do I act differently when I am alone?

4. How do I behave when I think people are watching me?

5. What I think I project to the world.

6. What I actually project to the world.

7. What can I safely reveal to those around me?

8. What should I protect?