Wisdom of Cups Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Wisdom of Cups Spread

On This Day

The Brumalia festival marked a break for the Roman senate. Divination was practiced to determine the city’s prospects for the coming year.

Today is the ancient Roman festival of Brumalia, honoring Saturn, Ceres, and Bacchus. This winter festival celebrated the long, dark nights of winter with drinking and merriment.

Summation of Spread

How are you feeling lately? You can’t mention Bacchus, god of wine, without raising a cup. The suit of Cups inspires this spread. Using Cup qualities such as emotions, feelings, and love, this spread examines how you feel.

Reflecting our emotional landscape, watery Cups address how and what we feel at the time we are feeling it. It is the consciousness where romanticism, fantasy, art, and imagination dwell. The cup is receptive, carrying feminine qualities.

Cast Your Cards

Cast the Wisdom of Cups Spread’s cards in the shape of a jewel- encrusted chalice.

1. Love: Whom do I love?

2. Feelings: Who has feelings for me?

3. Relationships: What is my most important relationship?

4. Connections: Whom do I share a deep connection with?

5. Creativity: How can I use my creativity?

6. Expression: What must I express right now?

7. Emotions: How do I feel?