Santa’s Reindeer Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Santa’s Reindeer Spread

On This Day

The name Donner is German for “thunder,” while the name Blitzen is German for “lightning.”

’Twas the Night Before Christmas was first published on this day in 1823 in the Troy, New York, Sentinel newspaper. It is largely responsible for many modern conceptions about Santa Claus and Christmas Eve.

Summation of Spread

This spread uses Santa’s eight reindeer as inspiration for a fun holiday spread.

The Chariot connects to Santa’s sleigh riding through a moonlit December night. The two sphinxes, in place of reindeer, represent the push and pull of choices we make flying along life’s path.

Cast Your Cards

Grab some hot chocolate and cast your cards as follows:

1. Dasher: What excites me?

2. Dancer: What makes me deliriously happy?

3. Prancer: What makes me walk tall?

4. Vixen: Who thinks I am a total sexpot?

5. Comet: How do I shine?

6. Cupid: Who loves me?

7. Donner: What must I yell from the rooftops?

8. Blitzen: What encourages my brilliance?