Wisdom of a Holiday Tree Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Wisdom of a Holiday Tree Spread

On This Day

Christmas trees take an average of seven to ten years to mature. Green year-round, they are a vital sign of life and longevity and were thought to ward off evil spirits and illness.

Tonight St. Nick alights in his sleigh. Across the crisp night sky, he and his reindeer deliver presents to children around the world, leaving a trail of frost and glittering snow in his wake.

Summation of Spread

The Queen of Pentacles is the gardener of the deck. Able to listen to the needs of animal, vegetable, and mineral and respond accordingly, all things flourish under her expert touch.

This evening brims with magic, hope, and belief. With no disruption and when all have deserted your room, focus on the tree. Examine its shape, color, and texture. How many shades of green does it have? Are the needles sharp or soft? Who lived in, on, or near the tree when it grew in the wild? How many wild storms and sunny days did this tree see before making its way to your home?

Cast Your Cards

After observing the tree, pull the following tarot cards to discover the spirit the tree expresses. Cast the cards like Santa doling out presents:

1. What magic do you bring to my house?

2. What do you represent as the year draws to a close?

3. What is the greatest gift I can give to those I love?

4. What can you help me bring to the new year?

5. What card is indicative of your spirit?

6. How can I honor you?