Imbolc Stirring Within You Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Imbolc Stirring Within You Spread

On This Day

In Ireland, tradition states you should place a loaf of bread on the windowsill for Brigid and an ear of corn for the white cow with red ears who is her traveling companion.

Today marks the ancient calendar date for Imbolc, a fire festival celebrating new life. The most ancient of Celtic pastoral holidays, Imbolc’s literal translation is “in the belly,” marking the first stirrings and flutterings of life in earth’s soil after a long winter.

Summation of Spread

The Queen of Wands shares a profound connection with Brigid. Brigid connects with fire, manifesting as a pillar of fire or with flames shooting from her head. This is an apt description of the Queen of Wands, who uses passion and power to help or hinder those around her.

Brigid (both Pagan deity and Catholic saint) is celebrated on this day. She is the spirit of healing, poetry, and music, and she is the patron of artists, poets, craftspeople, and livestock. This spread uses Brigid’s fiery, regenerative qualities to inform questions of what stirs inside you.

Cast Your Cards

Brigid’s crosses woven from wheat protected the home from fire and lightning. Cast your cards in the shape of a Brigid’s cross.

1. What am I dreaming of?

2. What is it possible?

3. How do I start?

4. Why must I do this now?

5. Why is the journey essential?

6. What is my secret weapon?

7. What gift does Brigid offer me?

8. How can I honor and thank her?

9. What is Brigid’s message to me?