Fertility Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Fertility Spread

On This Day

Acts of fertility magic included smearing the foreheads of two youths of noble birth with sacrificial blood. These Luperci ran naked except for the skins of sacrificial goats. They struck women with goatskin thongs. Women eagerly stood forward, as the Luperci touch was thought to make them fertile.

Today is Lupercalia, the most ancient of Roman fertility festivals. Roman god Lupercus’s Greek equivalent is Pan. Goats and young dogs, revered for their strong sexual instincts, were sacrificed at a cave by the foot of Palatine, where the wolf Lupa gave birth to Romulus and Remus.

Summation of Spread

The Queen of Pentacles, the homemaker and master of the material world, sits with a bunny at her feet. This bunny represents the fertility of all domestic things.

This spread looks at fertility for someone wishing to become pregnant. Keep in mind that tarot is never a substitute for examining medical issues with a professional. The cards can be used in holistic ways to provoke insight, ideas, and opinions.

Cast Your Cards

Cast the Fertility Spread’s cards in an egglike circle:

1. What is the state of my health?

2. What helps to improve my health?

3. How can I encourage my partner to be healthy?

4. How can I maintain a healthy diet?

5. How can I keep my stress level at a minimum?

6. Should I stop drinking alcohol?

7. How do I make the fertility process enjoyable?

8. What is the likely outcome?