Bird’s-Eye View Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Bird’s-Eye View Spread

On This Day

Birds are often seen as messengers, heralds of change, or spirits of the deceased.Their singing wakes us with the spirit of instinct, inner voice, and the beginning and end to our days.

National Bird Day is observed today. Dedicated to the admiration and preservation of birds, it also raises people’s awareness for birds held in captivity. Unbound by human laws of nature, birds often represent a link between conscious and subconscious, heaven and earth, groundedness and possibility. Birds are universally understood as a symbol for soul, anima, freedom, or the world soul hidden in matter.

Summation of Spread

The Nine of Pentacles holds a fierce falcon on her delicately gloved hand. This falcon represents loyalty. Bird images in tarot represent the highest aspects of our being taking flight and the ability to reach beyond our normal perceptions and boundaries.

Muddled by decisions? Confused about your path? Taking a bird’s-eye view offers a unique way to evaluate your life and choices. This helpful strategy asks you to float up and look at your life from a bird’s perspective. This wide angle renders small things as they truly are—insignificant—and focuses on what is truly important in the grand scheme of life.

Cast Your Cards

Shuffle your cards while thinking about the question at hand. Eyes closed, start throwing cards on the table in front of you. Look down like a god from above to discover which cards land upright and face you. Read these cards left to right to answer the Bird’s-Eye View Spread’s questions.

1. What is my situation?

2. What didn’t I see before?

3. How do I best see the overall view?

4. What becomes apparent when looking down from above?

5. Where am I heading?

6. What is truly important?

7. What should I remember?

8. What is my message?