Lord Shiva’s Find a Mate Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Lord Shiva’s Find a Mate Spread

On This Day

Hindu fasts—the denial of physical need for the sake of spiritual gain—exist for almost every deity. Fasts are held on certain days depending on the deity. For instance, Monday is Shiva’s day in northern India. One looking for a good mate and harmonious family would fast on this day.

Today is the Hindu festival for Lord Shiva. This deity is considered the supreme god and matchmaker god. As dawn breaks and humid temperatures rise, devotees flock to temples, worship, bathe, and fast.

Summation of Spread

Looking for a long-term relationship? This spread is for you. Describing steps for bringing the relationship closer, it will also suggest what to do while waiting for love to come your way.

The Two of Cups is a matchmaker’s dream. The card depicts two souls who are perfect for each other. The uniting source is not similarities to one another but complementary differences. Just as the Lovers card ponders the union of opposites, this is the moment of excitement and wonder when a new union is formed.

Cast Your Cards

Prepare for the love of your life by casting your cards.

1.—3. What three characteristics should I look for in a mate?

4. What must heal from a previous relationship?

5. What unrealistic expectation must I release?

6. Where will I meet my soulmate?

7. What is his or her best quality?

8. Why will we be happy together?

9. What should I focus on in the meantime?