Qualities of Uranus Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Qualities of Uranus Spread

On This Day

Uranus is the coldest planet in our solar system with an average temperature of -350 degrees F. Its orbit lasts the equivalent of 84 Earth years, and it has 27 moons. Seasons on Uranus last more than twenty years because the planet is tilted on its side.

The planet Uranus was discovered today in 1781 by astronomer William Herschel. Observing the heavens though his telescope in his garden, it was the first discovery of a planet by telescope. Herschel distinguished it as a planet, not a star as had been previously believed. He also discovered two of its twenty-seven moons, Titania and Oberon.

Summation of Spread

Like Uranus, the Fool card has rebellious, radical ideas. Both the Fool and Uranus rule originality and progress, operating outside of societal norms. The Fool is a free thinker whose purpose is to foster new beginnings in life. He is so fresh, so new, and so blank that he is numbered zero. He is pure potential in action.

This spread contains questions based on the astrological associations of the planet Uranus. This general spread uses a heavenly body to offer you greater clarity in life.

Cast Your Cards

Cast your cards in the shape of a cross, which forms part of Uranus’s astrological symbol.

1. Radical ideas: What outlandish idea must I follow up on?

2. Progression: What area of life am I making the greatest progress in?

3. Adventure: What adventure awaits?

4. Surprise: What hidden surprise will delight?

5. Disruption: What must be destroyed?

6. Awakening: What must be awakened?