Edgar Cayce’s Aura Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Edgar Cayce’s Aura Spread

On This Day

Cayce felt his life’s work was healing the sick and conducting spiritual inquiry and study. Gaining celebrity status near the end of his life, he feared the public paid more attention to his prophesies than to the work he deemed important.

American psychic, prophet, mystic, and seer Edgar Cayce was born this day in 1877. Cayce’s method of prophesy involved lying down and entering a sleep state to answer a subject’s questions. Cayce’s purported abilities included astral projection, mediumship, and seeing auras.

Summation of Spread

The Hanged Man has a yellow halo around his head like an aura. Allegorically, it represents a state of spiritual illumination. From the Roman gods to Jesus Christ and from Buddhist deities to Persian miniatures, these halos are found cross-culturally in religious iconography.

Auras are an energy field, a reflection of the subtle life energies within a body. Holistic healers attribute emotional states to auras. This spread is inspired by Cayce and the qualities attributed to aura colors.

Cast Your Cards

Select a significator card representing how you are feeling at the moment. Cast your cards around the significator.

1. Significator card representing you.

2. Red: Health status.

3. Orange: Am I in a creative place?

4. Yellow: What is the state of my intellectuality?

5. Green: Am I feeling balanced?

6. Blue: What is my spiritual state?

7. Indigo: What is a spiritual state I cannot deny?

8. Violet: My love life.

9. Brown: What am I feeling negative about?

10. White: Can I wipe the slate clean?