Ostara Serpent Magic Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Ostara Serpent Magic Spread

On This Day

Germanic tribes that honored Ostara, a lunar goddess, explain how she mates with her fertility god at this time of year. She gives birth nine months later during the Yule celebration.

Ostara is the Anglo-Saxon spelling of the name for the Germanic deity of spring. Her attributes include eggs, babies, and bunnies, coinciding with Easter but holding Pagan rather than Christian resonance.

Summation of Spread

The Judgement card is the card of resurrection and metamorphosis. While an awakening of consciousness may occur anytime, spring provokes a general sense of renewal in almost everyone. Be sure to keep your ears open to whatever calls you.

Spring, in addition to its fertility rites, marks the awakening of all slumbering creatures, ideas, and plans. In Scotland, Highlanders traditionally pounded the ground with a stick until a serpent emerged. The reptile’s behavior gave an indication of how early spring would come. The Ostara Serpent Magic Spread seeks to discover what slumbers within you.

Cast Your Cards

An excellent spread to perform on a warm spring day, be sure not to rush through it. Arrive at specific answers to each question before moving ahead. Cast the cards as a snake uncoiling itself:

1. What is reborn this year?

2. How do I activate my passion?

3. How can I stimulate my intellect?

4. What must become conscious?

5. How do I become an active participant in my life?

6. What does metamorphosis mean to me?

7. What can I uncoil and free?

8. What message does the serpent whisper in my ear?