Mercury’s Business Communication Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Mercury’s Business Communication Spread

On This Day

To have a mercurial nature means displaying qualities of eloquence, shrewdness, and swiftness. It also means having a quick, changeable, sometimes volatile personality.

The Messenger spacecraft sent the first orbital image of the planet Mercury to Earth on this day in 2011. The spacecraft arrived after a six-year journey, sending back images of the spidery craters and barren landscapes of valleys, mountains, highlands, and plains of this innermost planet.

Summation of Spread

The quality of communication belongs to the entire suit of Swords. The King and Queen of Swords are the great communicators of the tarot deck, using their eloquence, razor-sharp intellect, and oratory skills to communicate precisely what is on their mind.

Astrologically, Mercury rules all messages, day-to-day expression, and thought. Unemotional and curious, Mercury can be called upon to increase the quality of all communications, business or otherwise. This spread examines conversation and growth in terms of business.

Cast Your Cards

Place your business vision in the center and surround it with important questions. Envision the growth and blooming of your business and cast as follows:

1. What is my vision?

2. What opens my perception to hear others?

3. How do I present myself in the best way possible?

4. How do I maintain clarity?

5. Do I adequately express enthusiasm?

6. What helps me negotiate?

7. Am I following up in the best way possible?

8. What stands in my way?

9. How can I use communication to grow my business in the best way possible?