My Fairy Tale Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

My Fairy Tale Spread

On This Day

Hans Christian Andersen had a habit of falling in love with unattainable women. Upon his death, a small pouch was found on his chest. The pouch contained a letter from his first unrequited love of many decades earlier.

Hans Christian Andersen, beloved Danish author of fairy tales such as The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Pea, and The Emperor’s New Clothes, was born on this day in 1805.

Summation of Spread

The magic found in fairy tales also thrives in the suit of Wands. In addition to representing fire and passion, they are actual magical wands reverberating with power and the ability to achieve anything the bearer sets their mind to.

Did you know your life is a fairy tale? All fairy tales contain common themes and motifs. These essential components can be found in your life and are activated by this spread.

Cast Your Cards

Make a wish upon a star, roll up your sleeves, and cast the cards as follows:

1. Hero: Who am I?

2. Villain: What is my challenge?

3. Magic: How do I weave enchantment?

4. Nature: What natural elemental do I have a close affinity to?

5. Word, Potion, or Object: What is my power object?

6. Supernatural Helper: Who is watching and helping me?

7. Helpful Animal: Who is my animal spirit guide?

8. Magic of Three: What is the role of creativity in my life?

9. Ending: What is the culmination of my current journey?