Bay Laurel - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

Bay Laurel
The Trees


Sometimes called “bay,” sometimes called “laurel,” and sometimes called “bay laurel,” this aromatic, sun-loving tree (Laurus nobilis) is the very embodiment of fame, victory, and success. In ancient Greece and Rome, victors wore laurel crowns, a tradition continued until the present day by Italian high school grads. Additionally, the word “laureate” (indicating a high level of mastery and recognition) comes from laurel, as does the expression “resting on one’s laurels.”

Magical Uses


Bay laurel is aligned with fame in its most purely positive sense: how do you want to be known and seen in the world? And what, exactly, would you like to be known for? After all, we’re all going to be seen and known some way, and it’s not wrong for us to desire to be respected for the talents and skills we care about.


Gather and dry a bay leaf, or purchase an already dried one from a grocery store (just look in the spice department). Light a red candle when the waxing moon is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius). Visualize, sense, and feel that you are known and seen in precisely the ways you’d like to be known and seen. Feel the joy that comes from being recognized for excelling at what you love to do. When this feeling reaches a peak, draw the Kenaz rune (<) on the leaf with a black pen, and then use a tiny paintbrush to anoint the leaf with a tiny bit of clove essential oil. (Make sure not to touch the oil to your skin, as it will burn.) Keep the charm on your altar until your vision is realized, and then let it go into a moving body of water.


Have you ever noticed that “bay rum” is often the scent of choice when it comes to naturally scented products for men? Perhaps that’s because—in addition to being sacred to the god Apollo—bay smells deliciously manly. Aromatherapeutically, it instills confidence and aligns one with one’s most beautifully realized potential. While bay is indeed a tree with a potently masculine solar energy, we all contain both masculine and feminine aspects. As such, bay can be helpful for anyone who wants to enhance the masculine qualities of directionality, action, and single-minded focus.


Bay’s expansive, bright, highly positive vibration lends itself to the attraction and accumulation of wealth. For this purpose, on the full moon create a generous wreath with sprigs and branches of bay, and then hang it on your front door. Or on the new moon empower four dried bay leaves in bright noonday sun, and then place them in your wallet or cash box.

Protection from Harassment and Unwanted Advances

According to Greek myth, the nymph Daphne—despite the best attempts of her father, the god Eros—preferred to remain single in order to concentrate on her love of nature. When the god Apollo fell madly in love with her and pursued her, she transformed into a laurel tree to escape him. As such, much like a matron saint of unwanted sexual advances, Daphne can help when you’re experiencing this type of harassment. For this purpose, try the following ward:


Hold a single bay leaf (fresh or dried) between your two flat palms and place your hands in prayer pose at your heart. Feel, imagine, and sense a bright sphere of blinding sunlight surrounding you and shielding you from all negative effects of harassment and unwanted advances. Call on the nymph Daphne to support you in this intention, and remind yourself that you are not in any way deserving of such treatment. Vow to yourself that, starting now, you will refuse to tolerate it or take it to heart. Then place it in a drawstring bag, along with a hematite stone, and wear it around your neck so that it rests over your heart. Thank Daphne for her help. Wear as needed. If you feel you could use extra support in this area, touch the charm with your right hand.


In the Bible, as well as the ancient and present-day Mediterranean, the laurel is synonymous with victory and success. Add one or more bay leaves to any magical working performed with the intention to manifest any variety of success.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun