Cherry - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

The Trees


Clearly, those who don’t believe in magic have never stood under a blossoming cherry tree (of the Prunus genus) in sunlight, soaking in the almost impossible beauty of the boughs as they gently tremble under a bright blue sky. Could there be a more heavenly visual experience in this material world? If so, I haven’t yet encountered it.

Magical Uses

Divine Orchestration

Allied with the realm of the angels—particularly the cherubim—cherry trees possess an energy notably akin to “cherubic fire.” (While cherubs appear in more recent times with winged children, when cherubs appear in the Bible they take the form of grown women with wings and serve as highly positive protectors and guides.) Similarly, the fairylike beings called the “Vila” often appear near cherry trees, and cherry trees play the role of guardian in some fairy tales.

Essentially, the fiery, heavenly energy of the cherry tree helps bring us into powerful alignment with our most auspicious possible alignment and flow. For this purpose, sit in quiet contemplation with a blossoming cherry tree or take cherry flower essence.

Goddess Energy

In addition to being ruled by the planet Venus and sacred to the goddess of love, the cherry tree is a symbol of the Japanese goddess Konohana-sakuya Hime, who is considered a divine foremother of the human race. Indeed, the cherry tree is a potent powerhouse of divine feminine energy and can assist us in getting in touch with the goddess within. In other words, she can help us radiate our divine beauty and embrace our sensuality, magnetism, receptivity, and sensitivity. For this purpose, place cherry blossoms on your altar or empower a bowl of cherries in sunlight and mindfully eat them.


An important aspect of many Japanese wedding celebrations, every component of the cherry tree vibrates at the frequency of love. Bless a romantic relationship by spending time together under a blossoming cherry tree or by planting two cherry trees in your yard. You can also create a love-drawing charm by placing two dried cherry pits in a pink drawstring bag, anointing it with rose absolute, and using a safety pin to pin it to the inside of your clothes so that it rests against your skin.

Power and Strength

Popular for furniture, interior details, musical instruments, and carving, the deep red of cherry wood conveys a sense of the tree’s energetic potency. Similarly, the mahogany-colored flesh and skin of some varieties of the fruit reveals its sanguine magical signature. Spend time in quiet contemplation with a cherry tree to bolster your personal power and strength, or bless nine cherries before mindfully eating them.


Not all cherries produce edible fruit, but the ones that do produce very edible fruit. So edible, in fact, that the phrase “life is a bowl of cherries” is used to communicate that life is sweet and filled with enjoyment for its own sake. A maraschino cherry in a cocktail or on top of a dessert is the quintessential symbol of pleasure and satisfaction. And children of all ages are enthusiasts of cherry-flavored candy and snow cones, as well as the actual candy-like fruit itself. To add more sweetness to your life, spend time with a cherry tree or bring one or more into your yard. Or, of course, you can always simply eat cherries.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Fire

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus