Coral - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

The Trees


The exotic and fiery-flowered coral tree (Erythrina caffra) is the official tree of my longtime home of Los Angeles, California. Considering how few residents of Los Angeles are actually from Los Angeles, it’s perhaps appropriate that the coral tree is, in fact, a native of South Africa.

Considered by the Zulus to be an extremely auspicious and magical tree, it has traditionally adorned the graves of their tribal chiefs. Warning: Coral trees are toxic.

Magical Uses


Although not noticeably scented, coral tree’s red flowers are abundantly nectar-filled and attract all sorts of pollinating birds. Insects, as well, are attracted to the coral tree, both nesting within it and feeding off of it. In Africa, women wear jewelry made from its seeds, thus increasing their powers of attraction. To increase your attractiveness or your ability to attract positive qualities of any kind, spend time with a coral tree (particularly a blossoming one) or incorporate the seeds or flowers into rituals.


Children in the coral tree’s native Africa have been known to collect the seeds, calling them “lucky beans.” (But please do not eat them, as they are toxic.) Incorporate the seeds into rituals designed for the purpose or create a simple luck charm by tying nine coral seeds into a piece of bright red-orange felt and carrying.


The sun-drenched climate in which the coral tree thrives and the fiery appearance of his flowers—not to mention the traditional belief in some circles that burning the wood will attract lightning—indicate the tree’s notable ability to help fan the fires of fame. (No wonder Los Angeles adopted the coral tree as its own!)

If you’d like to be more seen and respected in any given arena, lovingly connect with a blossoming coral tree. When you’re ready, communicate your desire to the tree via thoughts, visions, and feelings. Then relax and allow the tree to bathe you in wisdom related to manifesting your intention. Feel, imagine, and sense this wisdom filling your aura with magical, fame-magnetizing fire. Alternatively (or additionally), you might direct your intention into a bit of wood from a coral tree, and then safely burn it in a fireplace, campfire, or fire pit. As it burns, visualize bright, fiery light filling your entire body and aura.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter