Acacia - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

The Trees


Conjuring up images of sacred fires, divine visions, regal elephants, and gentle giraffes at sunset, the acacia tree and magic go way back. This mystical tree (of the legume family Fabaceae) has been famously aligned with the realm of spirit since ancient times.

(For the tree often called acacia in Europe, see the “Locust” entry.)

Magical Uses

Divine Authority and Spiritual Leadership

Moses, who is believed by many to have learned magical and alchemical arts during his time in the house of the Pharaoh, directed builders to create the Ark of the Covenant from acacia wood. As you may know, the Ark of the Covenant was a spiritual tool that was likely an actual battery, which symbolically (and possibly energetically) anchored Moses’s authority as well as the Israelites’ solidarity as a nation. As if that weren’t impressive enough, it’s been postulated that the burning bush—in which God was believed to have appeared to Moses—was actually an acacia tree.

As such, if it’s your intention to step into a role as a spiritual leader of some sort, you might fashion a wand or a staff out of acacia. Consecrate it by holding it in bright sunlight while the moon is waxing. As you do so, ask the Divine to fill it and charge it energetically with the confidence, authority, and integrity you need in order to embody your desired role in the most ideal of ways.

Divine Petitions

Charles Darwin came upon an acacia in Patagonia that was revered by natives as an altar to the Divine. People of all walks of life in the neighboring areas would visit the tree and place offerings in and around it. If you’d like to designate your own acacia altar and request help with manifesting an intention or desire, try the following:


Visit an acacia tree while bearing a gift, such as ale, wine, incense, a pinch of organic tobacco, or a piece of cotton yarn. Spend time in quiet contemplation with the acacia for a bit, honoring the moment and the sacred energy of the tree. Then bring your intention to mind. Respectfully introduce yourself and state your desire as you would to a beloved elder. Ask for help with manifesting this desire. Offer your gift as a gesture of thanks—pour out the libation, burn the incense (safely!), place the tobacco on the earth, or tie the cotton yarn around a branch—and then commune with the tree for a bit longer, allowing yourself to receive an infusion of wordless guidance and loving energetic support.

Similarly, burning acacia incense or making a fire with acacia wood and then speaking your intention aloud (as if it’s already true) can assist you in manifesting any goal, dream, or desire.


Acacia’s vibration is stalwart and true, and acacia honey magically helps ensure fidelity. As an alternative to wine, you might employ a mead made with acacia honey for the ritual drink during a wedding or a handfasting. If you desire to be in a monogamous relationship and you’re not entirely sure that your partner shares this desire, empower some acacia honey with the intention to only be in a relationship with a partner who is true. Affirm that you are in a relationship that is authentic, honest, and ideal for you in any way, and set the intention that any other type of relationship will quickly fall away. Then serve this honey to your partner—in tea or oatmeal will do just fine.


In ancient Egypt acacia wood was used to build a number of things, including coffins and boats. This is significant because boats were symbols of the physical vessel through which our spirits experience this earthly life, and they were also associated with the god Osiris, who was associated with death and rebirth. In a later age the Freemasons adopted this symbolism for the acacia, associating it with the eternity of the soul.

Psychic Abilities

You’ll notice that the thread between all of acacia’s magical properties is aligning humans with the spiritual/Divine realm. As such, our psychic abilities can be enhanced by an alliance with acacia. For this purpose, you might create an incense blend out of sandalwood and acacia. Burn this incense while reading tarot, casting an I Ching reading, or working with your intuitive abilities in any way. If you’re doing readings by a fire of any kind (lucky you!), place some acacia twigs in the flames.


Acacia is an extremely potent spiritual protector. Sprigs of acacia have been worn or placed above doorways or beds to keep unhappy ghosts and malignant spirits away. Smudging with acacia incense powerfully aligns a space with the realm of the Divine, dissolving and protecting against negative energies. In fact, particularly thorny varieties of acacia have even been employed as powerful protectors in the physical realm, creating a sort of natural barbed-wire fence around homes or other buildings.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Spirit

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun