Dragon’s Blood Tree - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

Dragon’s Blood Tree
The Trees


Years ago I lived on the upper floor of a tiny Hollywood guesthouse, and a dragon’s blood tree lived in the front near the mailbox. She was a whimsically funky sort, somewhat like a mysterious, self-sufficient, and exotically beautiful aunt. This unique tree looks something like a giant mushroom and emanates a potent vibrational combination of love, magic, and fierce protectiveness.

While we’ll refer to them interchangeably in this section, it should be noted that two separate but similar species of dracaena are commonly called the dragon’s blood tree: Dracaena draco and Dracaena cinnabari. Dracaena cinnabari is an endemic, highly endangered species from the small Socotra Archipelago, and Dracaena draco is a native of the Canary Islands. In addition to sharing spiky leaves and a unique, umbrellalike shape, both can be cultivated in some coastal and desert locations, and both have a deep red resin used in incense and dye that is often called “dragon’s blood.” (Although the endangered status of Dracaena cinnabari makes Dracaena draco the only one of the two that can be responsibly purchased in this form.)

Please additionally note that there are other botanicals—such as Jatropha dioica and Croton lechleri—that also yield a resin sold as dragon’s blood. This section is not referring to those.

Magical Uses


Like her famously prompt (and even impatient) astrological ruler, Mars, the dragon’s blood tree does not dillydally: she’s compelling, she’s quick, and she means business. That’s why her bright red resin can be employed to put the rush on any magical endeavor or intention, or to instantly turn up the volume on your magic’s potency. For this purpose, hold your realized intention in your mind’s eye. As you feel as if it’s already come to pass, burn a stick of dragon’s blood incense, add a bit of the resin to an incense mixture, or throw a pinch of it on a fire.

The powdered resin can also be used as an all-purpose activation formula. For example, you might sprinkle it in your wallet for fast money, on a picture of you and your partner to help you move through any stagnation in your relationship, or on your legal documents to help move things forward in any dealings that seem to be at a stalemate.

Clearing, Cleansing, and Hex Breaking

Perhaps dragon’s blood incense and powder are most famous in magical circles for their ability to energetically clean and cleanse interior spaces: to help remove any lingering negativity or stagnation, to clear unwanted presences, and to help wayward spirits move into the light. This fame is well deserved, especially because the dragon’s blood tree’s extra benefit of protection creates an aura of positivity that lasts long after the clearing itself. Incense mixtures also containing white sage and/or frankincense can be especially effective for this particular magical use.

Additionally, in climates where she thrives, the actual tree herself can be employed for this purpose. For example, planting a dragon’s blood tree in the yard after an intense spiritual clearing of a formerly haunted or otherwise energetically challenged home can help preserve the effect of the clearing and prevent the return of what was cleared.

Dragon’s blood incense can be used as a smudge smoke for cleansing one’s personal energy field or removing a perceived hex or a curse of any kind, and the powder can also be added to bathwater for the same purposes.


Provided your intentions are pure, clear, and respectful of everyone’s free will, dragon’s blood can be employed for love. There are a number of ways you might do this. Here are some:

· Burn dragon’s blood incense to persuade an estranged partner to return. (Make sure to do so with the intention that he or she will only do so if it is in alignment with his or her true will and most authentic good.)

· If you feel that you’re losing yourself in a relationship because you’re handing your power over to your partner more than you would like to, you might magically employ the resin (or the tree herself) to help you regain your footing and ground yourself in your own power. For this purpose, you might spend time with a dragon’s blood tree or light a red candle and a stick of dragon’s blood incense on your altar during the full moon.

· To protect and bless your relationship, you might lightly sprinkle a pinch on your wedding rings before the ceremony or on the threshold of your newly shared home.

Moon Cycle Support

Dragon’s blood tree can be an excellent magical ally for any type of challenge related to your moon cycle or female reproductive health. Try visiting a tree, offering a libation of red wine, and spending time in quiet contemplation, allowing yourself to receive an energetic infusion of strength, vitality, and healing. You might also take a sea salt bath by the light of a red candle while burning dragon’s blood incense.


Dragon’s blood tree and dragon’s blood resin are both highly protective and create an aura of potent positivity that absolutely nothing of ill intent can abide. Spend time with a tree to strengthen your natural protection, cultivate a tree on your property, or burn the incense for this purpose. Of course, a pinch of the resin along with a clove of garlic in a protection sachet would be an unbeatable companion when you feel compelled to traverse an energetically challenging location (such as a hospital, courtroom, or Hollywood casting call).

Magical Correspondences


Element: Spirit

Gender: Female

Planet: Mars